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Say good bye to "Old Anxious Me"!

What kinds of anxiety can we treat? 
We treat people with all kinds of anxiety, from performance anxiety and anxiety generated by specific situations, to generalised anxiety disorders.
Whether periodic or persistence, anxiety can be at best unpleasant and at worse completely dehabilitating, and we help people from all walks of life exchange anxiety for a more peaceful and comfortable way of living

How can we help?

Over a course of 3-6 sessions, occasionally longer, we use a special combination of NLP, hypnotherapy, life coaching and sports psychology techniques to exhange anxiety for peace and calm, helping people move forward with their lives and achieve their goals.

My A-Game "1-2-3 throwaway" TM

Based on the experience with our clients, and many years of study of what works and what doesn't, we have developed our own framework for treating anxiety, called the "1-2-3-throw-away" technique.

By learning and repetition of "1-2-3- throwaway," and embedding it subconsciously through self-hypnosis, you quickly learn to leave Old Anxious Me behind, exchanging him or her for Calm, Relaxed and Confident Me.

What our clients say

"I cannot recommend Paul and My A-Game enough.

Professional , yet friendly. He really put my daughter at ease and took time to talk through with her the method of support he was going to provide.

She came away feeling positive and assured.

Paul took the time to follow up after his session with her and offered continued support should she need it."


Next steps

For a free 15 minute telephone consultation call My A-Game on 01344 286595 or email [email protected]