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Greig, National Football Coach

"We had Paul working with our National team and he did not disappoint. Fantastic from start to finish, showing some great techniques and ways to get our players in the zone, with the correct mindset.
We saw an immediate impact in the way the players trained.
We will use these techniques in our preparation for Barconlona. Highly recommend!"

Vanessa, performance anxiety

"Hi Paul Thank you so much for your invaluable support. I was a bit wary about doing the sessions online but actually found it was ideal as I could do it from home. I felt you listened very carefully to everything I said and personalised the program for me and the recordings you provided were a brilliant way for me to reinforce what we covered in the sessions. I particularly liked the modelling technique and found that was extremely useful before and during my performance. Many thanks again Paul"

Clare, fear of flying

"I cannot recommend Paul and My A-Game enough.
Professional, yet friendly. He really put my daughter at ease and took time to talk through with her the method of support he was going to provide.
She came away feeling positive and reassured.
Paul took the time to follow up after his session with her and offered continued support should she need it." 

Anna, childhood trauma

"Thanks to Paul I was finally able to tackle and release some lingering trauma. At the end of our session I told Paul that it felt like the end of an incredibly long chapter in my life had finally come to an end. I haven't had any of those symptoms re-present themselves since either. Thanks again Paul!"

Hana, childhood trauma

"Since our session I am feeling very well, lots lighter, calmer, clearer, energetic. I can say this is among the best spent money in my life."

Carol, lack of motivation

 “I feel great today.
I got up this morning and have been so motivated. My session with you has been the turning point I wanted.”

Sallyann, triathlete

"I found it incredibly helpful to get a professional athlete’s perspective on competition. After discussion with Paul it was so enlightening to realise I focus on my bike and run pretty well but let my mind wander in the swim. Getting myself mentally prepared really helped me on my last race, my little mantras I had for each section and taking just a few minutes to focus and get in the zone Importantly I took the ‘thinking’ out of the race so I could focus on technique. Looking forward to what’s next!"

Michael, depression

“Hey Paul, I just wanted to let you now I’m having a really good week. Since seeing you, everything feels like it's falling into place, and it’s a lot more positive. I have a few down moments, but I just remember the things you told me to do and it lifts.”

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